1966 Shelby GT350 Fastback

Price: $229,000

Status: New
  • Body: Fastback
  • Color: White
  • Stock ID: 240109
  • VIN: SFM6S2145


The opportunity seldom comes around to be able to purchase a one owner Shelby GT350! The story behind this car is a good one starting with Carroll Shelby being the actual sales person to sell the vehicle at Hi-Performance Motors in El Segundo California. Johnny Crawford purchased the Shelby brand new and used it the way he always planned too, on the track and canyons of Southern California. Unfortunately Johnny had been ill for many years and passed away in 2023. The car was garaged and sat there for the last 30 years before we acquired it from Johnny’s wife and brought this beast back to life without taking away any of the nostalgic upgrades that make this car. It is flared on all four corners (on the original panels) to be able to stuff some wide and sticky tires under it and is outfitted with a behind the seat roll bar with racing belts, some vintage racing seats, a pop top racing fuel cap and of course some vintage Stewart Warner Gauges for accurate engine performance readings. The original engine 289 High Performance engine is fortunately still in the car and has been freshened up a few times over the years and it runs great! The rear differential is original to the car and the transmission was upgraded back in the 70’s to a superior Top Loader 4 speed instead of the correct super T10. The factory disc brakes are rebuilt and work the way they should for 1966 and all fuel components have been cleaned and rebuilt using correct Shelby components. The vehicle is in the Shelby Registry and comes with a 1975 Popular Hot Rodding magazine with a great article on Johnny’s car at the track, as well as a package from Shelby American showing purchase documents and serial numbers for confirmation. We also have some of the original parts that were removed and a stack of old registrations and photographs of this car over the years. Carroll Shelby signed the car a couple of times over the years, even a personal note to Johnny on the inside of the trunk lid. This rust free California car is a very rare find and would compliment any car collection. These cars can bring over $300k in todays market when all original and this one could be corrected if a buyer decides to do so. We kind of like it the way it is, with a great story!
Body: Fastback
Color: White
Stock ID: 240109
VIN: SFM6S2145
Price: $229,000.00

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